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Rescues & Non Profits

Here at Pleasant Paws we offer discounted training programs for shelters, rescues and non-profit groups. These are the programs we offer along with associated discount -

Shelters & Rescues - Behavior Modification

We extend a 15% training discount to all shelters and rescues for any type of behavioral and aggression modification for dogs seeking a permanent home. This discount is also extended to people who adopt a dog/s from a shelter who think they need this type of training to help ensure the adoption is successful. Each case is tailored to the dog and the type of behavior problem (must be within 1 week of adoption along with paperwork). To get started simply give us call! 

Non Profit Groups - Obedience

If your church or non profit organization is interested in setting up a "group" obedience seminar we can offer you a generous discount depending on the number of people involved, anywhere from 10% - 25%. Group classes can range anywhere from a few people up to 15. We are flexible on location, so we can come to you OR we can have the classes at our facility. We look forward to hearing from you!

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