Day Training

Does your dog desperately need training but your to busy to take classes with them? We make it easy for you! Drop your dog off for daycare and we will train them so you can pick up a tired, well mannered pup everyday! ​We offer both obedience and behavior training. Use the sign up button to choose any of the packages below. Please give us a call for pricing!


- 6 DayTrain Program - Choose 4 commands/tricks from below, includes daycare and one transfer session.

- 9 DayTrain Program Includes  (MOST POPULAR) - Choose 6 commands/tricks from below, includes daycare and two transfer sessions.

- 15 DayTrain Program Includes   (MOST INCLUSIVE) - Choose 8 commands/tricks from below, includes daycare and two transfer sessions.


  • Sit

  • Down

  • Loose leash walking (for the 6 day we start this behavior)

  • Place (teaches them to target and stay at a spot to relax)

  • Wait

  • Kennel up

  • Leave it

  • No jump

  • Recall

  • Drop


  • Back up

  • Spin

  • Shake

  • Touch



Does your dog display concerning behaviors with other dogs? Are they too rambunctious, do they guard gates, are they leash reactive? We can help, drop your dog off for day training and let one of our professional trainers work their magic! For behavior training an initial consultation must be set up before purchasing a package so we can determine the best course of action for you pup. 

  • 6 Day DayTrain package (includes 2 transfer sessions!) 

  • 9 Day DayTrain package (Includes 3 transfer sessions!)  (MOST POPULAR)

  • 15 Day DayTrain package (Includes 3 transfer sessions!) 

*For select dogs ONLY 

NOTE: Cannot skip more than 2 consecutive days in a row for DayTrains