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Training Options & Pricing

After your purchase call us to schedule 770-686-3834. 

Obedience Training Programs 

Would you like to participate in your dog’s training and learn new skills? For these packages you come to our facility with your dog. After your purchase call us to schedule start day 770-686-3834. 

Basic, intermediate, advanced, and off leash packages. (off leash available upon completion of advanced).

  • Buy 1 package 5 sessions - $295

  • Buy 2 combined 9 Sessions Ex: (basic & intm.) - $525  *MOST POPULAR*

  • Buy 3 combined 12 sessions Ex:(basic, intm, & adv.) -$725 

DayTrain Programs 

*Does your dog desperately need training but you don’t have time to teach them? We make it easy, drop them off with us for professional training and playtime! Packages include daycare and daily training. 

  • 6 Day daytrain package (includes 1 transfer session!) - $464

  • 9 Day daytrain package (Includes 1 transfer session!) - $667 *MOST POPULAR!*

  • 15 Day daytrain package (Includes 2 transfer sessions!) - $1034

*You must schedule your daycare days when you purchase this program. Pup cannot skip more than 2 consecutive days in a row! Ask us what each program entails! 

Board and Train Programs - more info here

*Are you going out of town for a while? Why not have us train your dog while he/she stays overnight? We do all of the hard work so that you can come home to a well mannered dog! 

  • 10 Day Program

    • Designed as a foundation program - $1100

  • 20 Day Program *MOST POPULAR!*

    • We begin to include mild distractions and proofing! -$1900

  • 30 Day program *MOST INCLUSIVE*

    • We include the public, other dogs, and toys and distractions for your dog to work in. -$2800

*All BNT programs include daily socialization and professional training, ask us what each program entails!  

Behavior and Aggression Programs - more info here

Aggression in dogs can be complex, serious and dangerous for dog owners. To treat the problem effectively, it will first be necessary to determine which type of aggression your dog displays. Behavior issues can be wide ranging and include things like: Fear of humans, dogs, things or noises. Excessive barking & whining, destructive chewing, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and improper play. At Pleasant Paw's we can help you diagnose which type of behavior/aggression your dog is displaying specifically then teach you how to cope with that issue.

Before any behavior and/or aggression management training will be done, please read this important information first.  Click PDF 


  • Initial Consultation $65 

  • Private Sessions - $125 

  • 4 Session Course - $475

  • 6 Session Course - $675

  • 8 Session Course - $825

If you are interested in aggression/behavior modification training, please email us with a detailed explanation of your dogs behavior so we can begin to formulate a specific treatment plan. Email: ppinnthedoghouse@gmail.comOnce we have reviewed your email we will contact you with our training recommendations. 

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