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Employment application
(must be at least 18 yo to apply)

If you are hired at Pleasant Paw’s we expect only positive reinforcement from you to the dogs. We will teach you how to safely handle and care for the animals here at the kennel. If anything at the kennel seems out of place you are to report to your direct supervisor. Any failure to follow directions will result in termination. I, the employee, understand that there are sometimes inherent risks when working with animals, I accept those inherent risks and if anything were to happen I further relieve Pleasant Paw’s, it’s management, staff and animals from any liability resulting from personal injury or loss of belongings. I will always use caution and I will follow all of the safety tips that I am taught when I am with the animals. I have read and understand the terms and conditions and I assure that all of my above answers are true to my knowledge.

Thanks for submitting!

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