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Behavior & Aggression Management

Before any behavior and/or aggression management training will be done, please read this important information first. 


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Aggression in dogs can be complex, serious and dangerous for dog owners. To treat the problem effectively, it will first be necessary to determine which type of aggression your dog displays which may include: conflict-related, fear, dominance, possessive, protective, territorial, maternal, play, redirected, pain-induced, inter-dog aggression, aggression toward familiar and unfamiliar people, status-related aggression, pathophysiological (or medical), or learned. In many cases, more than one form of aggression may be exhibited.

Behavior issues can be wide ranging and include things like: Fear of humans, dogs, things or noises. Excessive barking & whining, destructive chewing, separation anxiety, resource guarding, improper play and more. 


At Pleasant Paw's we can help you diagnose which type of behavior/aggression your dog is displaying specifically, then teach you how to cope with that issue using the LEGS approach which encompasses the entire dog, Learning, Environment, Genetics and Self. We highly recommend you read this short overview on LEGS. 

If you would like more information about the LEGS approach and would like to schedule an evaluation for your dog, email us at with a detailed description of the problems you are experiencing with your dog, and we will contact you to set up an evaluation. 

Remember before contacting us to schedule any type of aggression/behavior modification training, be sure to read this important information first.  

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Packages & Pricing

Initial Consultation $65 

For the initial consultation we will diagnose the cause of your dog's condition/problem then prescribe the best plan of treatment. 

Private Sessions- $125

Use this option If you just want a couple sessions to work on a specific problem or issue.


4 Week Private Desensitization Course - $475

6 Week Private Desensitization Course - $675

8 Week Private Desensitization Course - $825

  • Using the LEGS (learning, environment, genetics, self) approach we evaluate the entire dog and environment to get to the root of the problem. 

  • We teach you how to counter condition and desensitize your dog to lower anxiety and produce positive results

  • Recognize warning, stress, and play signals

  • 1 week in-between each class (1-hour long classes usually at kennel, park, or your home)

  • You will receive ample information about what is going on through your pups' mind

  • You will be taught the best plan to help your pal using force free positive reinforcement training only

Note: We always work at the pace of the dog and some dogs may show a greater improvement more quickly than others. Also, no call no shows will forfeit that day's session. Typically, the trainers make a special trip for that particular training. Thank you for understanding. 

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