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What should I bring for a temperament test?

We only need your pup! Please bring your pup into the facility (before 10am) on a flat leash or a restricted retractable leash (maximum 2 feet). 


What should I bring for boarding?

You will only need to bring in food (no raw food) and medication if needed (fees apply for meds/supplements). We will no longer be accepting bedding, blankets or toys. We will provide our own bedding and toys for playtime!


What should I bring for daycare?

Similar to a temperament test, we only need your pup. Please refrain from bringing toys or treats. 


Are all the dogs running around together?

No! Your pup is in a group based on their size and temperament. We only allow up to 8 dogs in our large groups.


How often does my pup go potty?

Every boarding or daycare dog is pottied a minimum of 7 times per day regardless if they are in a group or solo!


What is your feeding schedule?

Boarding dogs are fed breakfast  7am-8:30am and dinner 4pm-5pm. 

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