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Basic Obedience


Would you like to participate in your pup's training and learn new skills? Welcome to obedience classes! These classes take place Mon - Fri and we will work with your schedule to make it convenient. To register simply give us a call 770-686-3834.

This course is ideal for dogs of any age (puppies must be at least 12 weeks). For puppies in addition to the basic obedience commands, we will include things like -

  • Potty training

  • Crate training

  • Socialization

  • Teething



Everyone starts at the "basic" obedience level however you can proceed to intermediate and advanced 

by purchasing either a combined package OR each course individually. 


Basic pick 4 commands, includes 5 sessions.

Basic/Intermediate package, pick 6 commands, includes 9 sessions.

Commands to pick from

  • Sit & release- Teach your dog to stay in the sit position until released.

  • Down & release- Teach your dog to stay in the down position until released.

  • Loose leash walking - Begin teaching your dog to walk nicely on leash.

  • Place- Teach your dog to target and stay on a spot to relax.

  • Wait at the door- Teach your dog to wait at thresholds instead of bolting!

  • Kennel up- Used to teach dog to go into their kennel on command.

  • Leave it- Teach your dog to leave anything alone when you ask.

  • No Jump- Teach your dog not to jump on you or strangers.

  • Emergency Recall- Call your dog back to you in an emergency.

  • Drop- Teach your dog to drop anything you ask. Dogs must be able to possess a toy or ball. 



  • Back up

  • Spin

  • Shake

  • Touch

Advanced Obedience

  • All commands will be incorporated into extremely high distractions and longer proofing times. Your dog will be well on his/her way to be completely "conditioned" with the commands and will only require limited practice sessions. 

Off Leash (voice control)

  • All commands are done "off leash" at significant distances.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION * No call no shows will forfeit that session. Typically, the trainers make a special trip for that day's training. Thank you for understanding. No one under the age of 15 is allowed at the transfer sessions. It takes a level of skill, patience and maturity to train dogs and we have found that younger kids typically have a hard time catching on to this. But once you learn you can teach them at home!

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