Puppy Class


We all love a cute, innocent, and fluffy puppy! But now you've got them home and UH-OH they're not so innocent anymore! We can help tame the "shark teeth" and teach your puppy how to potty outside! Our program sets your puppy up for success for future events like vet visits, groomer visits, park play dates, social visits, and MORE! For the sake of your shoes, and other items at risk of being eaten by your puppy, don't miss out on this program! Please give us a call for pricing! 


Week 1: Theme- Puppy manners! 

-Sit on mat with puppy to learn the stages of puppy play 

-Settle onto mat teach a “Down” command onto mat to calm pups after play

-Obedience Commands!

-Work on bite inhibition, Puppy teething

-Settle onto mat (Down command) 

-Last 15 mins is puppy playtime! 


Week 2: Theme-Vet visit! 

-First 15 mins Puppy playtime

-Settle onto mat (Practice down) 

-Simulate vet visit! Desensitize puppy to vet handling. Practice, Practice, Practice! 

-Teach a chin rest for voluntary handling 

-Puppy playtime for last 15 mins!


Week 3: Theme- A day in the park! 

-15 mins inside begin with puppy playtime, then head outside. 

-Let puppy explore for about 3 mins to get their bearings and potty 

-Practice some potty training techniques 

-Bring back to mat and Explain L.L walking, then practice

-Teach recall command! Practice (5 mins) 

-Teach sit and release, Practice (5 Mins) 

-Bring back inside and have puppy playtime for the remainder of class! 


Week 4: Theme- Grooming day!

-Puppy playtime first 15 mins! 

-Bring back to mat and practice “down” 

-Pass out brush and how to have dog participate in voluntary brushing 

-Desensitize dogs to dremel and nail trimmers 

-Learn how to cut nails! 

-Practice handling their mouth and ears in a positive way for voluntary teeth brushing and ear cleaning. 

-Desensitize to blow dryer

-Puppy playtime, last 10 mins! 


Week 5: Theme- Review 

-Review all the commands


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